This is my latest project in Minecraft.

After watching Iron Man 3, I was inspired to build a iron man helmet out of wool. My first attempt was too small and blocky. I moved to a larger build site but building from the ground up wasn’t working for me. So I’ve constructed a sand slab 20x40x10, 8000 blocks, to carve the helmet out of.

Updates to follow


Happy Free Comic Book Day and May the fourth be with you.


So, I bought The Movement on my phone through Comixology.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

I’m not too familiar with the supers starring in it but this issue gave me a nice intro into what the do.  I’m sure future issues will delve into who they are but it was nice to have a quick this guy controls rats and this woman is really strong and this woman does earth kinetics(though I had already heard of Tremor before).  

The M Channel group, anonymous individuals as a kind of “Little Brother” in the streets, has been done a few times before but it’s an idea that I like and hope to see developed, perhaps a side story about what drives one particular Channel M member to be a part of the group.

The Gotham News bit at the end of the issue was an interesting way to try to draw readers into the larger DC universe.  Not too heavy handed but I did realize what it was aiming for.

Currently I’m not a DC or Marvel reader but have been in the past.  I plan to restart my monthly comic book reading with The Movement.  Other series to be added later.

Listening to He Mele No Lilo (at least that’s what it’s saved as) the opening song to Lilo and Stitch.  I saved it from a post on tumblr a while back but didn’t listen to it.  I even forgot I had downloaded it until I started playing it wondering what it was. The first time I just had mild feels but the third time I started crying and I don’t know why.

[deleted depressed ranting about life]

I had to go grocery shopping today.  

I got dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.  As I was about to walk to the door I happened to notice the weather widget on my phone said it was 50F outside.  I cracked the door and got hit by a gust of cool air.  Not really cold but cool enough to bother me on my walk to the store.  

I grabbed my hoodie and looked around for some pants but I really wasn’t in the mood to wear pants.  So, I dug out a pair of leggings and layered my long black skirt over them.  I nearly went back to my room and changed into pants when I was walking out the door.  Instead I pressed onward and went shopping.

I didn’t take my normal browse through the clearance racks because I was feeling a bit more self-conscious.  I wore headphones, listening to a podcast, and ignored everyone around me cause I didn’t need to know if anyone was talking about or pointing at me.  I went through the self-checkout lane for the same reason.

All in all an uneventful trip to the grocery store.  My second solo outing in a skirt.

I just saw a sheep in Minecraft “eat” the grass off a dirt block.

It’s been a little while since I played and there was an update so I guess it’s new.  It just threw me for a second.

My day off

Today was my day off.  All I really had planned was getting together with my gaming group and continuing our 7 Seas campaign.  I ended up going out to breakfast with my roommate and another friend to brainstorm ideas for a mockumentary about a roller derby team.  Then we went to an art fair at a greenhouse.

I’m kind of excited about the mockumentary because if we get it off the ground I’m almost certainly going to be in it and I’m hoping to include at least one reference to me being trans.  So I’d be a trans woman playing a trans woman.  How often does that happen?  I know we’re probably not gong to get a very wide distribution, maybe a couple of film festivals.  We know the guy who runs the local festival so we have something of an in here at least.

Before I go on to the rest of my day I want to share the highlight of my day. When we were ordering, I was taking a little too long deciding what to get.  I was torn between the french toast and an omelet.  The waitress says to me, “Come baby girl we ain’t got all day.”  It’s rare for me to get gendered correctly by strangers.  Even while wearing a feminine top, like I was, it’s only slightly better than rare and it usually only lasts until I say something.  This waitress, whose name I remember but don’t want to broadcast no matter how obscure my blog is, gendered me correctly the entire time we were in the restaurant.

The art fair was ok but nothing special.

Gaming was a lot of fun.  Even if I did blank on an important decision leading to a npc being knocked out and tied up.  I got to impersonate the new priest in a small town(my character is a noble trans woman sailor none of my fellow players know my character is trans yet through).  When the real priest showed up I pretended I had ended up in the wrong town by mistake.  The priest and church workers bought it and we were able to just leave the town the next day(we had already found out what we need to know).  On the way back to our nominal base city we were captured by a group of guardsmen and taken to a galley slave ship.  I was biding my time hoping to find a moment of opportunity later once we were on the ship.  One of my companions got into an argument with a guard on the dock, while we were being led to the ship, and we ended up in a battle against around 60 enemies.  There were seven of us.  Our heavy hitters (one of whom is one eyed peglegged hunchback) took out around 24 while the rest of us tried to get control of the ship or free the oar slaves.  I and another woman were knocked out after getting on the ship.  The young man of our group made it below deck but encountered “The Torturer”.  And that’s about where we ended for the day.


I made a thing.

It is based off the box with a hole cut out so you can lay in bed and watch stuffed on your iPad without holding it. I didn’t like the idea of having a box around my head so I made this to mount on the wall. It started as a smaller box with a hole cut out of the bottom pinned to the wall. I didn’t like having to look straight up, so I crafted this out of some scrap cardboard.

It’s made for my new phone not at tablet.


Today was the last day of the local film festival and this is what I wore.  I had to miss a lot of the first three days because of work but today I was off so I got hang out down there longer.

Also I wasn’t stuck in the guy drag I wear to work.  I wore a skirt.  I took the bus and walked several blocks alone in a skirt.  I’m normally too afraid to leave the house alone in a skirt.  If I’m going somewhere with my roommate it’s almost not a thing at all but doing it alone has been a big block for me.  And today I made it past it.

Walking from the bus stop to the film festival, I passed some big windows and caught my reflection.  I saw that I looked like myself.  I felt for awhile like l belonged in the world.

I briefly met Rutger Hauer who was starring in a movie that I didn’t get to see so I didn’t have anything to add to the discussion.  My friends and I were standing around in the VIP lounge when he walked by.  My friend L stopped him said how much of a fan she was and got her picture taken with him.  He walked off to get some food and then he came back to talk to us.

Yeah the VIP lounge.  Remember when I talked about winning the Downtown Murder Mystery a couple of weeks ago?  Well part of the prizes were two VIP passes to the film festival.  Admittance to all shows and the VIP lounge.  The lounge had a small buffet, pita chips and dips, fruit, and a main dish that changed each night.  There was shrimp one night and bbq pork on tortilla chips topped with coleslaw.  

There was also a bar but I avoided the alcohol, except for one rum and coke tonight, and stuck to Sprite or Coke.  The first night I went in, the second of the festival, there was this homemade root beer that was heaven sent but it ran out so I only got one cup of it.  

Since I’m doing the 365 Film Challenge, I’m going to writing up the films I saw in separate posts in the following days.

Downtown Murder Mystery

I just had one of the greatest nights of my life.  The city is doing this murder mystery thing downtown and my roommate, a couple of friends and I participated tonight.  It was so much fun.  They gave us a packet with the story, pictures of the suspects and possible murder weapons then we had to go around downtown and find clues to solve the case.  First we had to take some silly pictures to show to an “undercover detective” to get the list of “crime scenes” to talk to witnesses.  The actors playing the witnesses were so good staying in character and just giving great performances.  

We joke nicknamed our team “Team Win” and two of us chanted “Delta Cubes” throughout the night.  We just had a lot of fun going from place to place getting clues and talking to the witnesses.  All of us had at least one or two moments in the spotlight when we figured out a clue that stumped the rest.  Also, three of the actors(one woman and two men) hit on the lone guy in our group.

We got all the clues, texted the answer, and went to the final meeting place, a museum downtown.  We were the first ones there!  So, we grabbed some drinks and checked out the exhibit which were all these big granite pieces that you could touch and some you could stand and rock on it.  

After everyone else got there, they announced seven out of twenty teams had sent in the right answer.  They tried to fake us out by asking who thought Kevin(who we had ruled out defiantly) was the killer and after a bunch of people yelled “Yeah!” they said “Incorrect!” and named the real killer and started calling up the teams that got it right which included our team.  

We then had to answer questions about things the witnesses had said or about the clues.  Single elimination, get a question wrong you’re out.  We went first and got the question right.  In the first round three teams got eliminated.  In the second another team was cut.  In the third one more lost out.  So there were just our team and one other.  We went back and forth a few times until the other team missed a question and we won!

I can’t express how awesome it was.  This night would have been the perfect night to have a documentary crew following us.  The way we all helped get all the clues and then to be first to get to the end and then all of us answered questions to win.  Oh and then we went to eat and this guy came up to our table.  He knew we had been in the murder mystery cause we were all still wearing the shirts they gave us.  He ask how we did and when we said we had won, he told us that his team had won the night before.  How perfect an ending would that have been?  

I’m still kind of shocked at winning.  I never win stuff like this.  It’s just great and awesome.