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It’s been heating up around here.  Most days I have to pull my hair back on my walk to work and then spend ten to twenty minutes cooling down at work.  I don’t really like pulling my hair back, mostly because part of me equates hair back to “guy mode”.  But I’m slowly accepting that pulling my hair back doesn’t get me misgendered.


Today a woman came up to the register and asked, “Are you [birthname]?”

"No, I’m Gillian,"I said.  I grabbed my nametag and raised it up a little as if to ward off that name.

"Oh but you did go to [high school I went to]?" she asked.

"Yes," I said uneasily.

"I’m [name].  Do you remember me?"

I looked at her face and I kind of recognized her once I knew what her name was.  ”Yeah kind of,” I said.  And then I finished ringing up her stuff, she paid and left.

And later I had minor panic attack but I was able to calm down.

After I corrected her on my name, she didn’t press the issue, so that was good I guess.  I just wish she hadn’t said my birthname.  She could have just asked if I went to high school with her.  Most people around here are not going to know how to talk to someone who they knew but has since transitioned.  I understand that but it still hurt to be called by that name.

Just listening to podcasts while cuddling with Star.

Me and my first s’more and me getting startled by my roommate’s flash.

So we had a little s’more birthday party for me. Just my roommate, me, and a few other friends who could make it hanging out in the parking space outside our apartment. I had my first real s’more tonight!

The ribbon bow on my head came from the wrapping of a gift. I unwrapped the gift and my friend sitting next to me was like, “Oh, oh, can I put that ribbon in your hair?” I just handed it to her and a minute later I had a bow on my head.

You can also see the infinity scarf my other friend gave me.

My roommate and I had some difficulty getting the fire started. Partly because it was windy and also because we aren’t very good at starting fires. We were also lacking in kindling so I pulled a dead dry branch off a palm tree that is planted in front of our apartment building and used it as kindling. That worked pretty well.

The last pic is the glowing red embers left at the end of the night just before being snuffed out.


Selfie for reclaiming the Latina tag.

Star perching on my knee. Pictures by my roommate.